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Welcome to Stepping Stones!

Stepping Stones Riding Program fully complies with Ventura County Covid-19 business guidelines. Our Protocols and Procedures may be viewed here.

Our mission is to provide riding lessons and horse experiences to the economically disadvantaged in Ventura County.  Located in the scenic Santa Rosa Valley, Stepping Stones Riding Program is currently working with 12 horses and 2 ponies.  

To defray the costs of caring for our horses, we offer classes in horsemanship to individuals to provide them with the joy of riding, benefits of communing with these lovely animals and the skills necessary for their proper care.   In addition we host birthday parties and other festive events that include riding as well as offering "camps" where students are given a week long intensified experience. Our general public rates for instruction are significantly lower than community rates thus making our program available to many who normally would be unable to afford lessons. Our staff consists primarily of dedicated volunteers who graciously give of their time to help students care for our animals, maintain our grounds and whatever else is necessary. Volunteers are always welcomed and individuals who wish to volunteer may visit our "Volunteers" page. We are also fortunate to receive periodic donations of money and goods to further the program. We have a "no cost to the buyer" arrangement with Amazon in which Amazon donates to us an amount equal to .5% of value of purchases. This is at no cost to you. Please see our Donate page to learn how you may join the program.

At present and for the forseeable future, lessons and camps are filled and have waiting lists.  Unfortunately we can accept no new requests for lessons.  If you have any questions or wish additional information email Stepping Stones Riding Program at

The Stepping Stones Riding Program (SSRP) operates as a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization with officers. It is dedicated to rescuing otherwise doomed horses and pairing them with disadvantaged individuals to their mutual benefit. Financial information may be obtained from, an independent non-profit evaluation company.